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Degree English Studies    

The Degree in English Studies at The Faculty of Arts aims to give necessary training for people who wish to specialise in any professional field related to English knowledge.

To start with, the Degree focuses on developing the oral and written English skills of the students, in order to guarantee that every student will achieve an expert level of English (level C1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). Then, the English Studies Degree is commited in the learning of contents and the adquisition of competences in three key areas to ensure an exhaustive knowledge of English: written literature in English language, culture and society of the English speaking countries and Applied Linguistics knowledge of English as an international language. The English Studies Degree conveys basic training on general humanity areas and offers two different specialisations: (1) English Culture in the Contemporary World and (2)Modern Languages: French and German.

Once students have finished their Degree, they can apply for any job in the labour market related to the use and knowledge of the English language,such as language teaching, importation and exportation businesses or direction of organisations related to cultural promotion and communicative gestion of groups. The last but not least, students who at the end of their degree might prefer to continue their studies can naturally do so with the Applied Languages Master in the Faculty of Arts or the Compulsory Formation Master for Secondary School Teachers in the Faculty of Educational Sciences.