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Resources for learning

The university webpage is available to the general public; it provides all the information about the university, its faculties and activities at
Intranet: : The university of Lleida's Intranet is formed by different spaces which can only be accesed by ussers who have been assignet a username in the Udl's network, that is, any person who belongs to any Unit, Faculty, Certen or organisation of the University of Lleida.

E-mail: All members of the University of Lleida (students, teachers and staff) have an e-mail account available at

Virtual Campus (SAKAI platform): the virtual campus is a teaching support tool which makes part-time class attendance and e-learning possible. It is also a support tool that allows students and teachers to have at their disposal all the information needed for any subject (teaching plans, diaries, announcements, on-line activities and forums, among others).

NESTOR. The NESTOR's programme objective is to support to students through personal, academic and professional orientation. The objective of this is to give students the opportunity to make the right choices during their Degrees, as future professionals and citizens.

Library: The University of Lleida has a Library and Documentation Service (SBD) recognised by ANECA since 2003 with a quality certificate.  SBD offers a wide range of services accessible through the Library website.

  • Purchase.
  • User Training.
  • Laptops and USB sticks loans.
  • Book loans.
  • Obtention documents (SOD in Catalan).
  • Bibliographic information.
  • Informative leaflets.
  • Refworks (an online bibliography management tool).

Digital library: The University of Lleida offers many different documents that can be browsed online:

  • Electronic dossier: it is a set of digitalised materials which aim to complement education, teaching and research.
  • E-books.
  • Electronic magazines browser.
  • Electronic dictionaries.
  • Electronic encyclopaedias.
  • Databases.
  • PhD dissertations.
  • Thematic guides.
  • Virtual libraries.
  • Press.
  • Official newspapers.
  • Digital documents archive

Library: This building was inaugurated in 2003 during the commemoration activities of the 700 Anniversary of the University of Lleida. It was conceived as the campus library, therefore, it contains materials in the following areas: Law, Economy, Business, Labour Studies, Computer Science, Engineering, Psychology, Pedagogy, Social Education, Teaching and Sociology. It has a surface of 4.520m2 and 509 seats.

Study rooms: The Polivalent Building or Aulari is a building to be used by all educational centres and services at university as well as by those units placed on the same Campus. There are some study rooms as well as tables and chairs in the hall with Wi-Fi connection and plugs for laptops.

Computer Rooms:


Number of CPU


Building: Centre de les Cultures (room 0.02)


Linux (Fedora 14)

Building: Edifici Polivalent (1.02)


Linux (Fedora 14) / Windows XP

Building: Edifici Polivalent (1.04)


Linux (Fedora 14)

Auditorium (Centre de les Cultures): The Auditorium is an emblematic space where several academic and public acts take place.

Copy centre: Placed in the Polivalent Building, it offers the following services: printing, photocopying, binding and purchasing classroom materials. Besides, teachers can leave materials for students necessary to follow lectures.